It’s been awhile 

It has been awhile since I last updated this blog. 

It’s hard when I don’t attend his therapies and well life was crazy and now we have had a slight wave of insane.

The biggest thing for Sebastian in terms of medical things was his ASD eval.

Long story short, he scored just a hair into the spectrum range. The only thing the neuro psychologist found to be worrisome is hand flapping and eye contact issues. She said those brought his score to were it landed. His positive is how social he is and how he seems Intune to people.

For his sleeping issues, melatonin was recommended and also to monitor for ADHD. They are keeping that on the table till he enters 1st grade. 

So his dx is language disorder and possible ADHD.


Hi Nicole,

I had mentioned to Dan that it was his 90 day review. We consistently are looking at progress that is being made and re-assessing areas to further address in therapy. It is something that we do with every child. In Sebastian’s session prior to yesterday I was talking to Dan about possible areas that are still difficult for Sebastian at home and in school right now. He had mentioned the difficulty with tolerating doctor’s appointments and getting his haircut. Thank you for filling out the sensory profile, it gave me better insight in how Sebastian responds to different sensory stimuli in his environment. According to the results Sebastian has poor sensory modulation. He seeks sensory input at a higher rate than most children his age, at times he is bothered by sensory input more than children his age, he is aware of sensory input in his environment more than others his age and he may also miss sensory input at a higher rate than others within his environment. Sebastian is a child who needs lots of movement to feel self-regulated and to successfully engage in activities of daily life. He is easily distracted by the external sensory input in his environment: visual, auditory which limits his ability to attend to age appropriate play activities. He avoids different textures, smells and tastes and seeks movement. As a result of poor sensory modulation Sebastian presents with maladaptive behaviors that interfere with his ability to successfully engage and attend to age appropriate activities within his environment.

He has made a great amount of progress in the areas of: transitioning to bedtime with visual schedule and use of calming bedtime routine. Dan told me has fallen asleep 4-5 times this past week without any problems. He has made great gains in transitioning from preferred to non-preferred tasks, improved attention to fine motor tasks seated at the table to 10 to 15 minutes and increased independence in dressing skills such as taking his shoes and socks off and putting his shoes and socks back on with a little help for initial hand placement and to attend visually to task.

He continues to show need to address fine motor grasp pattern to work towards an efficient pencil grasp pattern in preparation for handwriting, increasing his independence in following morning routine to brush teeth, wash hands and dress self with initial assist by parent/adult. He also would benefit from continued focus on tolerating new experiences within his environment in order to be able to go to the doctor’s office, dentist, etc without demonstrating maladaptive


Earlier this week I received an email from the OT at Sebastian’s school.

After several weeks of observation and talking with his speech therapist, they want to add OT to his IEP.

I guess they are running into issues that are affecting his learning.

Now we just have to wait for his teacher to come back from leave.


I realized I forgot to post about Sebastian’s trip to the dentist, first ever.

I was concerned in general how it was going to go but extra being how his last haircut went.

It was rough to begin with being we were late.

They wanted us to come back at 1 but I couldn’t being it was my lunch hour.

Eventually they agreed to see him. He didn’t want to sit in the chair so I had to hold him while the dentist tried to count his teeth. She could barely do that so she said they would try a cleaning in 6 months.

His teeth looked good and he has an under bite.

All is well

Things are going well I feel like in Sebastian’s world.

He only had OT this past week as his speech therapist needed to cancel at the last minute due to sick kids.

We have a sensory profile I need to finish up for tomorrow.

School is still going well for him and he always excited about going.

His special ed teacher now writes down words that he is saying at school each day in his journal. I am thankful for that.

This past week he said:

-my turns
bye bye sue
this that
his is blue
no play
water please
two socks

and there were a few others to