3 years old

My dear Baz,

Mommy is very late “sending” this letter.

On August 27th, you turned 3.

You are growing up so fast and I feel like I am missing so much between work and appointments.


You are getting more and more words out.

Right now the main ones are

Oh jeez and oh wow

You really seemed to going to the state fair for your birthday.

You start preschool in a week.

You continue to amaze me everyday my boy

Love you




Well Baz finally started OT. He started with Sam’s OT as his is still out on medical leave.

To see Paige though Sam had to take a night off.



It was mostly Paige and I talking about Sebastian’s history while he played with a mr potato head. Crazy thing, he played quietly for 30 mins. He never does that at home.

So we quickly learned we need to remove stimuli . She had a pillow in the room , dim lights and just a couple toy options.

She wants to start the brushing protocol.

She wrote some ideas down for helping him sleep and I had some light bulb moments and have a lot of thinking to do.

3 year check up


My dear boy,

You will be three in a few weeks but as usual being both you and your brother are August babies I made your appointments together .

Your stats:

Weight 34.4 pounds
Height: 36 1/2 inches
Bmi 18.2

Overall the doctor thinks you are doing well except like with your brother he seems to believe you are showing signs of being on the spectrum.

So we are working on getting you in the wait list for a developmental pedi.

I don’t know but i am not sure where the doctor gets these signs. The only ones I see are your speech delay and sensory issues but then again I don’t know much about the spectrum.

We will see I guess.

Love you

Speech therapy

It’s hard for me to update about his ST as I can’t go but here’s the last email from his therapist

Hi Nicole
Thanks for the message regarding Sebastian’s OT evaluation. I will be sure to connect with Paige or the OT that is able to work with him once they get started.

I think I have won dad over on the benefits of one-on-one therapies and he stated that he has seen so much improvement in Sebastian since we started! I’m glad you guys are seeing some changes at home. Last night he was very calm (tired I’m sure due to limited nap) but I saw some excellent following direction tasks. I am just thrilled that he has started to use 2 word phrases. Now that those are starting increase your expectation of what he says at home. Instead of just saying “more” hold out until he says “more please” or “more drink” or any other 2 word combination using words he already has in his vocabulary.

I also talked to dad about working in some color words to your everyday tasks. For example, putting a color spot on each drawer of his dresser and talk about putting socks in the red drawer, shirts in the blue drawer, etc. Another way to include more color words into your day is to give him choices, do you want the blue shirt or the red shirt. Any time there is a color to something use that word to help him start to understand colors. We aren’t looking at his ability to use those words, just understand them. You can also include the color words for things at the zoo, Look the tiger is orange with black stripes! Let me know if you would like some “activities” and I can print some things off for you guys to use at home as well.

OT eval

Last Wednesday, Sebastian was evaluated for sensory issues.

The therapist feels he is hypersensitive to things and doesn’t know how to filter yet seeks it out.

Yesterday I got a copy of the eval where he scored borderline and delayed in a lot of areas.

So the plan is weekly OT.

I started reading Out of Sync Child to try and wrap my head around things