Speech therapy notes 3-31-14

With the school district’s spring break over, Karen came back over for Sebastian’s speech therapy.

He said:
Imitated yes, more, go, haha, a fish sound

He signed help


Choo choo

Imitated bike

Said ball

He did not follow Karen’s direction of can I have the grapes

He did follow give Sam a car and clean up

He completed a 15 piece puzzle and pretend play with driving cars

He was ably to identify an apple.

When they were done I told Karen about how we do yoga now at night with that app she suggested.

So we did a little yoga before she left.



31 Months

Dear Baz,

A few days ago, you turned 31 months old. As the snow and ice are finally melting here, all I can think is wow August will be here before I know it and you will be 3. You are growing up so fast. I feel like I am missing so much taking Sammy to all of his appointments and working. Your dad is lucky that he has been able to be with you from day 1 when you busted out of the NICU.

Anyways, what is new and exciting this past month?

You finally transitioned to a toddler bed! You have done really well with it. You still fight bedtime a bit but you seem to know when you are done and tired though. You will go grow into your bed and fall asleep. We just need on getting it a more consistent time.

You are so proud of your Star Wars bed spread. it has a big Darth Vader on it and you love to show it off

You are slowly getting more words too. You are doing great with speech therapy.

We have started a nightly routine of yoga from the app, teacher Karen showed us. It’s fun doing some yoga with you and I think it helps you calm down a bit for bed.

You recently got your haircut again.

Next week we start a new session of evening with the tots so that should be fun.

Otherwise that is about all that has been happening my lovely boy. You are just growing up and amazing your mom and dad daily.

Love you


Speech Therapy Notes

Back to speech therapy stopping by the apartment to see Sebastian. Next week is spring break so we won’t have anything next week.

He imitated:
-a pig sound
-mor (for more)
-du (for duck)
-Tur (for turtle)

He growled and signed more a lot.

He identified spoon

He strung beads and seemed to enjoy it

We also talked about how Sebastian really struggles with calming himself down.

So we went through some ideas, playing catch on his tummy airplane stay, use super stretch app on my phone (which he seems to enjoy), bounce on a ball, wall push up, and some others. She also suggested looking at pinterest. I guess they have a lot of good ideas.