Busy Busy

Life with Baz has been busy so yet again I am lacking in writing here.

I struggle to write a lot for Baz I guess as I don’t get to get to his therapy sessions.

School is going well for him and you can tell he really thrives with the structure from it. I did have a talk with the OT about adding OT services to his IEP. The therapist does not see the need to add OT services. That bothers me but when she said she wouldn’t know how to help him. She claims she seems none of our concerns at school.

Needless to say hearing he is so great in school is nice but it makes me wonder why he’s such a hard child at home to work with,

Maybe we suck as parents.I don’t know.

Speech is going well along with OT.

OT, ST and preschool conferences

Sebastian hasn’t had school this week due to the district being off.

He started with his possible new OT Stephanie on Monday. It was a play and get to know him and needs session.



I really liked her. She is young and fresh out of school but she seems to know her stuff. Everyone at the clinic seems to think she’s a good fit for him. My one concern is she doesn’t do the brushing but from my understanding there maybe a work around.

He did well in speech with Melissa .

He also had his first preschool conference. That went well and long.

They are going to work on adding OT to his IEP and also articulation.


Therapy, preschool and speech apraxia

Occupational therapy and speech therapy in conjunction with preschool seems to be working well for Baz.

He really enjoys school and notes in his folder has been all positive.

His teacher made note though of possible speech apraxia. I emailed his speech therapist at school about this and still waiting to hear back.

I did talk to Melissa and she wasn’t ready to diagnose it but also not ready to rule it out either.

So I am anxious to hear Sue’s thoughts.

When talking to Melissa I did get an update on his ST. Sessions. They have been getting a lot better.

OT has been going well but I am
Not sure if it’s helping or not. I am leaning towards yes though.

Preschool, OT and speech

We are onto week 3 of preschool and Sebastian still loves it.

Last week seemed to go well. There were a few issues noted in his journal though😒

I think a lot of it had to do with his cold.

His school speech therapist is using a voice device to help him make choices and hear the words.

I had a phone call with her and she talked about how great his receptive language is but he is struggling so hard with his expressive language.

OT with Beth is going well. We went over brushing which was helpful. He let her brush him.

I need to email Melissa about speech.


OT, ST, and week 2 of preschool

Monday was a busy day as it started week 2 of preschool for Baz. He also was battling a cold so there was the decision of do we send him or not? Well I made the mistake of asking if he wanted to go to school. He said yes which is always nice to hear but I felt bad as I was told later on he had a coughing fit and such.

….I guess this will be the future and the mom guilt. Do you send or not and how do you know when they don’t have a fever and can’t tell you they don’t feel good, etc.

After school, he finally started OT with Beth who is filling in for Anna until she gets back from her concussion.

For most of it Beth and I talked about things and our sensory struggles at home.She gave me some ideas and was going to make a picture schedule for our night time routine.

Then they played.

Later on the husband took him to speech with Melissa which I guess went quite well dispite him coughing in her face a lot.

That night I read the school notes, he did well and sat in group for the whole time and played with friends.

We kept him home yesterday though which was a good idea being he slept most of the day.

I hope he feels better.

The husband said he seemed good this morning and he was sent off to school very excited I guess.