OT, ST, and week 2 of preschool

Monday was a busy day as it started week 2 of preschool for Baz. He also was battling a cold so there was the decision of do we send him or not? Well I made the mistake of asking if he wanted to go to school. He said yes which is always nice to hear but I felt bad as I was told later on he had a coughing fit and such.

….I guess this will be the future and the mom guilt. Do you send or not and how do you know when they don’t have a fever and can’t tell you they don’t feel good, etc.

After school, he finally started OT with Beth who is filling in for Anna until she gets back from her concussion.

For most of it Beth and I talked about things and our sensory struggles at home.She gave me some ideas and was going to make a picture schedule for our night time routine.

Then they played.

Later on the husband took him to speech with Melissa which I guess went quite well dispite him coughing in her face a lot.

That night I read the school notes, he did well and sat in group for the whole time and played with friends.

We kept him home yesterday though which was a good idea being he slept most of the day.

I hope he feels better.

The husband said he seemed good this morning and he was sent off to school very excited I guess.


When did you become old enough to venture off to school my love?


And to think I came close to missing this?

I feel like your baby years are a blur and gone.

You are such a big boy.

The teacher said you had a good day yesterday. A little trouble listening but all in all good.

The teacher loves how social you are.

I am sad I didn’t see you off today. The downfall of working downtown is I miss these moments.

Love you


This past Wednesday, Sam got the night off from OT so Baz could go.


It was hard at first to get him focus but Paige finally got some toys he enjoyed.

She tried a weighted blanket which he seemed to enjoy.

She also tried some brushing which he wanted nothing to do with at therapy but at night he sought out the brush and wanted it.

Her and I brain stormed some more ideas on how to calm him.

3 years old

My dear Baz,

Mommy is very late “sending” this letter.

On August 27th, you turned 3.

You are growing up so fast and I feel like I am missing so much between work and appointments.


You are getting more and more words out.

Right now the main ones are

Oh jeez and oh wow

You really seemed to going to the state fair for your birthday.

You start preschool in a week.

You continue to amaze me everyday my boy

Love you