35 months


Dear Baz
You will be 3 next month. It’s a little hard for your mom. I think it’s because I feel like I have had to focus on Sam’s issues so much I am missing parts of your toddler years.

I am trying though to focus on you.

Well my dear, what has been going on with you?

You are saying more!

I think having you get some speech therapy through Fairview is helping so much.

You are saying Mom a lot.

You are saying Bebe (baby)

You are saying Baz eat

It’s exciting !

I think in my other posts I have covered what’s going on.

Love you

Speech Notes 7-21

Early intervention was back yesterday after time off.

Imitated car
Choo cho
Imitated beep beep
Imitated in
Imitated open

He followed: please be gentle

When asked what does the monkey say ooo ooo ah

Give the boy water

When playing maracas
- shares with me when said, can I have a turn

Requested a turn by gesturing and saying please

Dan took him to his private speech therapy and he said Sebastian did great. He was very vocal and listened to Melissa




Speech Therapy Notes 6/30/14

Last Monday notes from Sebastian’s speech therapy with teacher Karen

Uh Oh
Hee (for neight)
eee when using the cookie cutter

ou (for out)
no (for nose)
ar (for arm)
oh eyes
na (for snake)

signed all done
ma (for more)

he followed the directions in your chair

when playing with play doh, he cut it, sang twinkle twinkle, put that in and put the covers on it

This Monday we talk about going to preschool in September.

34 Months

My dear Baz,

On Friday you turned 34 months old. The last few months I have been struggling with the you will be 3 soon and venturing off to preschool. You have grown up so much and I love it but I also miss you as a baby. Such a bittersweet thing I know most parents feel.

Anyways, you have started some private speech therapy. I am hoping it will help you get some more words out. I know you are struggling as are mom and dad but I think we are doing better then before.

School hasn’t been out much with summer here now so there isn’t much to report there.

Well I love you and you are turning into such a amazing little boy.


First Private Speech Therapy

Today was Sebastian’s first appointment since his eval with Melissa at Fairview Ped rehab in Eagan.

We all went being Dan will be taking him and Sam every Wednesday while I am at work. We wanted to see how Sam would do and make sure Dan knew where to go, etc.

He liked Melissa so that is good. I liked her a lot while working with Sam.

She basically asked us some questions and then played with Sebastian. he was really excited to play with all sorts of toys it took a little bit to calm him down.

I learned a lot in terms as what is expected at his age, what things are normal and that words like do for go is considered a word.

We learned some new ways to talk to him to help with making connections.

I am not if I will be able to update about these appointments but hopefully I will get information from the husband on them so I can and just have an idea about how he is doing. I am so used to going to sam’s therapy appointments it is going to weird not being there.